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The Cincinnati Auction Co. utilizes an advanced responsive platform to bring together its buyers and consignors. We sell both “Live” and “Online” and sometimes we utilize both methods together.

We provide to our consignors an integrated sales process that includes expert photography, quality cataloging.

In addition to these services, we also provide “Buy Out” and “Clean out” solutions. We offer to Buy or Clean out residential and business contents. We can manage a complete solution for those on a tight schedule to accomplish these often overwhelming jobs.

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For our buyers, they have technology on their side. We provide our customers the ability to bid “Live” and or “Online” utilizing our website or the “app” that is free and downloadable on the app stores.


Have one, two or a hundred items to sell?

Our experienced team can make sure that your items are represented the right way. Together with several years in the auction business, our team will market your items to realize full auction potential.

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